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About Us


Compact Homes is a multi-faceted and experienced Gold Coast/ Brisbane based company with many years experience in Residential/Commercial type construction and Manufacturing.

Compact Homes focus is on delivering high quality, innovative and unique home designs to our clients. We work on large and smaller scale projects and help investors, individuals and families realise their property dreams.

Our Range of small to medium homes has come to light as a result of high demand for quality affordable housing.

The exteriors of these homes is inspired by the elements, textures and shapes that are naturally found in our environment. Colours will blend with it’s habitat and will create a look of sophisticated contemporary design.

The interior of our homes is designed to maximise space by incorporating most of the required storage and furniture into the design of the building.  Compact Homes fibre cement boards, composite and finishing panels allow us to finish all our construction with ease and in an environmentally friendly way.

These unique homes offer Australians (younger and older) options to build their own home, create additional income or add value to their existing property.

Our Vision

Compact Homes vision is for everyone to be able to afford and live in a home that they can be proud of.

We do this by bringing to market a range of modern, aesthetically pleasing, smaller-scale homes filled with all the comforts of a larger home.

We will work tirelessly to achieve this goal and will continue to come up with product designs, materials and form relationships to make sure that more people can reach their goal of owning a place they LOVE and call HOME.


Why- choose-a-Compact-Home?

Why choose a Compact Home?

What are Compact Homes and why is everyone talking about them?

Due to the continuous increase in property prices and homes becoming less affordable, people are moving towards smaller homes and being creative with the use of their space. Let’s face it, bigger homes are filled with air and unusable undercover space and the cost of that space is huge.

Our homes are mini mansions in the sense that you have all the comforts of a large home comfortably fitted into a smaller space. By reducing the empty space, you reduce a huge part of the cost.  Win, win!