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Owner Builder? Owner Management? or Hire a Builder?

For more information on this topic including what a builder would charge to build a kit home for you Click here

Delivery Owner Builder

Q. What areas do you deliver and how much is delivery?

  • South East QLD, Northern NSW Call us to find out if we can deliver to your address.

The charge will be determined by the site location. Just give us a call and we can give you a price for delivery.


Q. How long does it take from placing an order to delivery? 

A. Allow 4 - 6 weeks from signing your preliminary agreement to receiving your first delivery which is pre-fabricated frames and trusses.

Our first step is entering into a supply agreement and paying a 10% deposit. This will kick off the site specific drawings stage where we will have your choice of home drawn up on your site. These include elevations and any specific site details required for the building approval.

  • Energy Efficiency report to achieve a 7 star energy rating - $300-$400
  • Site specific engineering footing or slab design - $750 - $1000
  • Site specific plans – Included with your Compact Home kit. Note customisation and design changes do incur a small additional charge.

From signing the supply agreement to gaining building approval allow 4-6 weeks

While the above is taking place we will have scheduled your first part of the lock up to be delivered the first week after receiving your building approval.


Q. Do I need to have a dry storage area for the materials?

A. No. The first delivery is the frames and trusses delivered using a crane truck and weather will not affect them. (There are boxes of hardware that will need to be placed in a shed or under cover, however these don’t take up much room). The cladding, roofing and windows and doors will follow and scheduled to match the build schedule. The goal is to get the home to lock up stage and soon as possible. Once you have reached Lock-up stage and are weather tight we’ll schedule your remaining deliveries.

Steel vs Timber

Q. What’s the advantage of steel over timber?

A. Here are a few compelling reasons to consider selecting a steel frame:

  1. Superior Quality: Compacts steel frame components are made of high-tensile galvanized steel, ensuring the highest quality standards. Unlike timber, steel frames are free from defects like warping or knots.
  2. Long-lasting Integrity: Steel frames maintain their structural integrity indefinitely, without the concerns of rot, corrosion, or termite infestation that can affect traditional wooden frames.
  3. Strength and Weight: Steel frames offer a remarkable combination of strength and lightness compared to timber. They provide superior structural support while being lighter in weight. Additionally, steel frames eliminate the need for on-site cutting or drilling.
  4. Owner Builder Friendly: Compacts steel frames are designed with convenience in mind. They come pre-punched with locating and service holes for electrical and plumbing, making the construction process easier for owner builders.

Choosing a steel frame brings numerous benefits, including durability, strength, and ease of installation, making it an excellent choice for construction projects.

Australian Made- 100%

Q. Are Compact Homes steel frames and products Australian made?

Yes, we use BlueScope steel for all our frames and trusses. Our suppliers are well known Australian companies including CSR, Lysaght, Bunnings, BGC, Boral and Dowell to name a few.

Build Time

Q. How long will it take me to build?

A. Project timelines will vary depending on several factors, including the experience of the owner builder or builder and the time dedicated to the project as well External factors such as weather conditions and trade availability. Here are some general time frames to consider;

  • Reaching Lock-up Stage: This stage typically occurs 4-6 weeks after the foundation (slab or sub-floor) is laid but the actual duration may vary. Factors such as the complexity of the structure and the efficiency of the construction process can influence the timeframe.
  • Internal Fix Out: Involves tasks like installing gyprock, doors, and skirting boards. This phase generally takes around 2-4 weeks to complete. However, keep in mind that the timeline can be influenced by the size of the project and the availability of labour.
  • Final Fit Out: The final fit out involves finishing touches like tiles, kitchen installation, painting, and other detailed work. This phase typically takes an additional 2-4 weeks.

These timeframes are approximate and can be subject to availability of trades.


Do you have builders who can build for me?

A. Depending on location, we do have a process to fast track finding a builder within your local area. If you are looking to become an owner builder and project manage the build we have a system to find local trades people. To find Trades and Builders click here

Concrete Slab or Stumps?

Q. Do kit homes have to be built on a concrete slab, or can they be built on stumps?

A. Compact Homes can be built on either option. However a concrete slab is encouraged for thermal reasons, and is a cheaper option. If you need to build on an elevated floor system/stumps there may be additional insulation requirements to achieve a 6 Star Energy Rating. This will be confirmed during the Energy Assessment and site specific location.

Compact Homes can supply an elevated floor system if you need one. We can also give you advice on cost estimates for either a slab or a sub-floor system.

Energy Rating

Q. Are Compact homes 6 Star energy rated?

A. The energy rating indicates the artificial heating and cooling needs required to keep the inside temperature of your home within a comfortable range.

The rating is accessed against the home design, the construction and insulation materials used and the orientation of the home. Compact Kit Homes can achieve a 6 Star thermal efficiency rating, talk to one of our team for more details.


Q. What is and isn’t included in a Compact Homes Kit home kit?

A. You will see an inclusion tab on our product pages that covers what included. The items our kit does not include are the kitchen, cabinets and robes those items provided by trades such as electrical which includes cable and lighting and the electrical switch board. Plumbing piping fittings for rough in and for under slab or floor. No Carpet or floor covering or paint. We can provide estimates on what these items would cost when you speak to one of our design consultants.